To book a helicopter by yourself, grab your iPhone and open the modern and convenient app created by AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL). This service, which has a user-friendly interface, will allow you to make your dreams come true. Perhaps, you’ve long been considering:

  • A sightseeing flight over your home town or any other place of interest,
  • Enjoying a bird’s eye view over amazing places and surrounding areas;
  • Holding a business meeting onboard a helicopter and thus not wasting time during transfer from the airport;
  • Or just taking a good selfie from above

All these are possible with the AVIA Charter app’s helicopter booking service.

Benefits of using the AVIA Charter app

  • Speed and convenience
  • An extensive fleet of the top best helicopters from the most famous global manufacturers: Robinson, Sikorsky, Eurocopter, Bell, Mi-8, Agusta and many more.
  • Opportunity to choose a suitable model by inputting specific parameters – all by yourself, without consulting our managers. The parameters include passenger capacity, flight range and altitude, type of terrain, and weather conditions.
  • Reliability and excellent technical specifications of all helicopters available for hire. All aircraft undergo mandatory scheduled maintenance and necessary repairs.
  • Instant booking: it is sometimes possible for you to have a helicopter ready at your service within as little as 3 hours after using the app. As soon as you click on the desired helicopter model in AVIA Charter, our manager will call you back at your convenience to finalize details and confirm the booking.
  • The helicopter charter service is available 24/7 from anywhere – office, home, hotel, around the globe.

До вертолета рукой подать

  • The application is visually appealing and simple to use, even for inexperienced users. The menu has both virtual keys and symbols. Now, even a child can book a helicopter – not a toy, but a real and safe one.
  • Information on weather conditions in the area of the planned flight that allows you to take the necessary precautions for upcoming travel in case of rain, extreme heat or strong wind. This is very important, especially for those afraid of flying. Weather is always a serious consideration when it comes to helicopters.


How to book a helicopter through AVIA Charter – step by step guide

What you need to do in order to start enjoying all the services and privileges of modern aircraft hire:

  1. Download the AVIA Charter app designed by air charter broker AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) from the AppStore.
  2. Select the language in which you will receive and enter information.
  3. Specify the dates for which you would like to book a helicopter.
  4. Specify the period of aircraft hire and route, including take-off and landing points.
  5. Enter specific parameters to choose the most suitable helicopter: lifting capacity, passenger capacity, length of the journey.
  6. Purpose of flight: tour, transfer, onboard business talks, a celebration or another special event, aerial photography.
  7. Leave your contact information and expect a quick call back from a competent AVIAV TM. manager. The manager will finalize parameters, check availability and confirm the booking for the chosen dates. Our staff adhere to the highest standards of business ethics, discretion and confidentiality.
  8. Arrive at the take-off site on the chosen day and at the chosen time.


For the most sophisticated


We are AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL). As a company, we

  • value our reputation;
  • always fulfill our commitments to clients,
  • use only the most advanced technology,
  • cooperate only with trusted service providers,
  • have reliable partners around the world,
  • can arrange helicopter take-off and landing at even the most remote and hard-to-reach airports located anywhere on the planet. For example, in the ski resort of Courchevel 1850, where landing of private jets is often impossible due to bad weather, such as strong winds and poor visibility.

AVIA charter from AVIAV TM is a handy modern mobile app, specially designed for our sophisticated clients who settle for nothing but the very best smartphones and best air charter services.