Don’t lose any minute at the airport

Air travel is often associated with time losses. Passengers need to arrive at the airport several hours in advance of their flight, stand in lines for registration and baggage check, go through customs and, finally, wait for a boarding announcement.

However, business aviation provides its customers with entirely different conditions.

Despite a common perception of private jets as nothing but comfort and luxury, our customers mainly prefer business aviation to save time and to travel most efficiently.

There are several factors contributing to time losses at airports and a number of optimal solutions offered by business aviation to avoid any delays

Waiting lines

Airlines and airports usually recommend that passengers arrive two hours in advance of their flight, while in fact travelers spend much more time waiting at the airport (especially in the cases of long-haul flights or when required to check in baggage).

Predicting how long you will have to spend in a waiting line for the airport security service is not an easy task. In some cases there is no waiting, while sometimes travelers may lose up to an hour. Once the security check has been completed, you still have to stand in a waiting line for the customs control and wait for an announcement of your flight and gate number in the terminal.

  • How does business aviation save your time?

When you travel by a private jet, you may even be unaware of being checked for security purposes. You are greeted upon arrival, and our driver accompanies you by car to the aircraft or the business terminal, where you are ensured the most comfortable stay and services. As a general rule, Aviav TM (Cofrance SARL) recommends that travelers arrive 15 minutes in advance of the flight.


Not all air routes on the globe are covered by direct regular flights. Some airports are too small or too isolated to be used by airliners.  This is why air carriers often operate flights to larger cities offering their customers connection flights. This is particularly true in the case of unpopular destinations. Transfer to another flight is frequently associated with transit throughout the entire city thus extending the travel time. Sometimes security and customs checks are required once again, while lags between flights may reach several hours.

  • How does business aviation save your time?

Private flights stand out as being fully custom-tailored. You select the business jet model, the departure time and the itinerary. Some jets that are smaller than airliners can land at small airports or even aerodromes close to destination.

The way to the airport

Most large cities have their own airports, and municipal authorities make every effort to facilitate access to the air terminal. However, transfer from the point of departure to the airport is sometimes a major part of the travel.

Some airports are located very far from the city, and most air companies don’t offer a choice of departure airports (when there are several airports in the city). Road congestion can also play its important part, while traffic jams are often difficult to predict with consequent time losses.

  • How does business aviation save your time?

Business airports are sometimes closer to the city center. This is the case of New York with Teterboro and JFK airports situated only 19 and 2 kilometers off Manhattan, respectively. Many Alpine airports, including Chambéry, Sion, Samedan St. Moritz or Valle d’Aosta, are also accessible by private jets only. Many travelers prefer to land on slopes rather than driving on mountain roads during the ski season.

Even if the business airport is located far from the city, the possibility of avoiding arrivals at/departures from large air terminals enables bypassing air traffic, which can be intensive depending on the season.

Whatever your itinerary or travel limitations, the staff of Aviav TM (Cofrance SARL) will recommend an optimal airport for your flight and describe in detail the terms and conditions of chartering a personal business jet.

For more information about business aviation and personal rates feel free to contact us in the Internet or by phone.

Save your time travelling with Aviav TM (Cofrance SARL)!